Apply for a New CitizenCard

Never had a CitizenCard photo ID before? You will need to use a digital check that will authenticate your photo ID document or provide a suitable referee, who needs to confirm your identity.

If you have a valid, unexpired photo ID document stating your current name we can verify your identity electronically. If you don't have any valid photo ID, you need a referee.

There are two types of referees we accept - referees validating the original document(s) and referees confirming from official records.

A referee validating the original document(s) is a professional person that needs to see an official document(s) confirming your identity e.g. a birth certificate or NHS Medical Card and validate it to confirm your identity.

A referee confirming from official records is a professional person that confirms your details against official records held at their place of work.

Your chosen referee must:

  • be in work
  • agree to be contacted at their business address via email and on their landline number (a non-mobile phone) during office hours i.e. Mon-Fri, 9.00 - 17.00 – we will definitely contact them!
  • have no family or personal relationship with you (including that of guardian or foster carer) nor live with you
  • be aware of this application and the reference they are providing
  • complete the Digital Referee Declaration Form after you finish uploading your file(s) online.

We will guide you to select an appropriate verification route after you make a payment for your application.

How to apply for a New (first-time) CitizenCard?

  • 1. Start your online application by using "Start a New application for a CitizenCard" button below.
  • 2. "Create Your Account" online (complete a registration form and activate your account) or "Log in" to your CitizenCard online account if you already have one.
  • 3. Use "Apply for a new CitizenCard" button, complete a new, online application for a CitizenCard and make a payment.
  • 4. Choose a verification route - either a digital check that will authenticate your photo ID document or a referee who is a professional person that will confirm your identity.
  • 5. Upload your photo and, if needed, any documents required.
  • 6. We verify your identity with a photo ID validation or by contacting your referee.
  • 7. We post your photo ID card to you.

Start a New application for a CitizenCard

Standard Application
Costs £15 and takes 21 days. Card posted by Royal Mail 2nd class post
Urgent Application
Costs £30 and takes 1-2 working days. Card posted by Special Delivery guaranteed Next Day by 1pm

Please note for Urgent applications all required information must be received by 12pm for the application process to start that day.

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