Yoti CitizenCard - the UK's new ID solution

A Yoti CitizenCard is the perfect ID solution making it safer for young people to prove their identity online and in person. The Yoti CitizenCard, which can be used to create cardholder's identity on the free Yoti mobile app, bears a PASS (Proof of Age Standards Scheme) hologram endorsed by the Home Office. In addition, the 18+ photo ID card displays National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) and Home Office Security Industry Authority (SIA) logos.

Yoti CitizenCard ID solution - a UK ID card and free digital ID

Yoti is a free app that lets people prove their age and identity to businesses, verify the details of people online, and log in to websites without having to remember passwords. The Yoti CitizenCard can be used to create a Yoti account (see below).

Deltic, the UK's largest nightclub chain is now to accepting the Yoti app as proof of age in some of their venues and all of them will accept the Yoti CitizenCard. We're giving people a safer way to show their ID on nights out - police want passports left at home!

Deltic, the UK's largest nightclub chain, accepts both the Yoti app and Yoti CitizenCards as proof of age

The new Yoti CitizenCard brings you all the benefits of a physical CitizenCard but it also allows cardholder to create their identity on the free Yoti mobile app. Andrew Chevis, CitizenCard's CEO, explains:

  “The combination of a CitizenCard in the wallet or purse and Yoti's digital identity app puts young people firmly in control. I'm excited by the potential of this.”

So why get a Yoti CitizenCard ?

  • it offers all the benefits of a CitizenCard plus it allows you to create your identity on the free Yoti mobile app

Your Yoti ID then lets you:

  • confirm the people you meet online are who they say they are
  • prove your age online and on nights out at some Deltic nightclubs
  • log in to websites without passwords

Apply for Yoti CitizenCard ID

Creating your Yoti is easy with Yoti CitizenCard

Once you have your Yoti CitizenCard and Yoti phone app creating your Yoti secure digital ID is simple.

Creating digital ID with Yoti CitizenCard