Police and SIA on the cards

The New 18+ CitizenCard

The card is completely smooth and displays the logos of the Police, Trading Standards and the Security Industry.

18+ CitizenCard national UK photo ID card features

  1. Police, SIA and Trading Standards logos are printed on the front of the card.
  2. The PASS hologram signifies that the card is a genuine UK Government-recognised photo ID/proof of age card.
  3. The colour photo will confirm whether the person presenting the card is the lawful cardholder. 
  4. The age band (18+) confirms immediately that the cardholder is an adult.  So, unlike driving licences, there’s no need to calculate if the cardholder is 17 or 18 from their DoB.
  5. The card displays a UV (ultraviolet) marking in the form of the PASS logo which runs right across the card.  The UV marks can be seen with a UV light.

CitizenCards for Under-18s

Both sides of the card are UV-marked '100% Proof'.
 U18 CitizenCard national UK photo ID card features

Important Points For Applicants

  • If you need your card right away, make an Urgent application and post it by Special Delivery.
  • Check whether your referee is acceptable as Route 1 or a Route 2 professional person.
  • Check whether your referee countersigned your form, photos and (if applicable) a copy of your ID .
  • Make sure that your referee can be contacted by phone during office hours at their place of work.


The PASS hologram on each CitizenCard is endorsed by the Home Office, Police, SIA and retailers.

PASSAssociation of Chief Police Officers
Trading StandardsSecurity Industry Authority

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