National ID card for the UK

Prove your age and identity - enter pubs, clubs, take domestic flights, use as Voter ID and buy age-restricted goods in shops + get discounts online

recognised by police

recognised by retailers

affordable and practical

verifiable online

anyone can apply

Prove your age and ID - enter pubs, clubs, take domestic flights, use as Voter ID, buy age-restricted goods
// Government endorsed

Safe for everyday use identity card

We offer the UK public a cheap, safe for everyday use ID card, which is not costly to replace and cannot be used for illegal activities such as ID theft. With a CitizenCard you can prove who you are whenever you need and access our online discounts.

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If you have a photo ID document, we can verify your identity electronically. If not, learn who can be a referee for a UK ID card.
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Get deals on top brands and prove your identity with CitizenCard ID. Receive your ID card and access online discounts to save money.
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Card Features

Featuring police and SIA logos and supported by various government agencies, our cards are the best national proof of age and ID.
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Trusted ID

Retailers and other organisations can confirm any identity card issued by us as valid for free either online or using an app.
CitizenCards - UK ID cards for people over 18, 16-17 and under 16
// Suitable for all ages

Proof of age card variants

All CitizenCards display the PASS hologram endorsed by the Home Office. In addition, our 18+ photo ID card displays the logos of the Police and Security Industry Authority that give their full support to the scheme. Retailers, pubs, bars and nightclubs are advised by these organisations to accept all identity cards with the official PASS logo and hologram.

CitizenCards are available for any UK resident and are issued in 3 age categories:

'18+' for adults
'16-17' for young people over 16
'Under 16' for children

The age categories make it easy for retailers and door staff to immediately know if a person is of age to buy age-restricted items or enter the premises.

Easy online application


CitizenCard is well-established as the UK's most widely-recognised photo identification card. Whether you are visiting a premises, going shopping or accessing services like transport, CitizenCard is there to help you prove your age and identity.


Affordable Pricing

Get a cheap, safe for everyday use photo ID. A standard application costs £18 and takes up to 21 days. Need your card urgently? Use the fast track process which costs £35 and takes 1-2 working days.

Simple Online Process

Our online application process doesn't require a printer, photos from a photo booth or posting anything to us. Once you create your application, we will guide you through getting your identity verified.

ID Card + Free Digital ID

We've partnered with Yoti to offer an ID card plus free digital ID to anyone in the UK. A Yoti CitizenCard is the perfect ID solution making it safer for people to prove their identity online and in person.

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// Trusted ID

Validate our ID cards online

We offer retailers and other organisations in the UK the tools necessary to check that any card issued by CitizenCard is valid, provided the cardholder presents their card to be verified.

Free Verify Service Online

Scan a QR code to quickly verify a cardholder's age and likeness or enter card details to verify a card you are shown as genuine.

Verify Card Service

Free PASS Card Verify Mobile App

Get the free PASS Card Verify app and take a photo of any proof of age and photo ID card issued by us to check if the card you are shown is valid and can be trusted.

Validate our UK ID cards using PASS Card Verify mobile app

Download the PASS Card Verify app for free!

Validate our cards quickly

// Here to help you

Contact our Support Team

Have any questions or queries? Need help with your application? Don't hesitate to get in touch.

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CitizenCard - ID card production and delivery
// Established 1999

UK's largest
photo ID card provider

CitizenCard is a non-profit governed by representatives from the National Lottery operator Allwyn, the Co-op, Ladbrokes & Coral owner Entain and the TMA. Supported by a network of respected manufacturers and retailers, we are the longest-established and the largest photo ID card provider in the UK with over 2.5 million cards issued.

We are audited by members of the Age Check Certification Scheme on behalf of PASS to ensure that the highest standards of UK data protection, privacy and security are upheld and rigorous identity verification is carried out.

CitizenCard is proud to have signed the TransFriendly pledge. In short, we are committed to treating transgender and non-binary customers with dignity and respect.

About Us

Our partners include:

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HM Prison Service logo
Institute of Licensing logo
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// Helping those in need

Not-for-profit organisation

CitizenCard is the only non-profit UK-wide issuer of police-approved proof of age & ID cards.

We work closely with charities, schools and Local Authorities across the country, helping the most vulnerable in society by issuing free identity cards. We also offer guidance to retailers with regards to the sale of age-restricted items.

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Helping students

Through schools and universities, students can get a CitizenCard, which can be used as photographic proof of age and ID for age-restricted goods or domestic flights.

Aiding charities

We work with charities to provide homeless people with a valuable document that proves their identity and helps them open a bank account or access housing.

Assisting Local Authorities

With the help of local government, we provide disadvantaged people with a proof of ID that enables them to gain employment or apply for benefits.

'No ID, No Sale!' campaign

The campaign provides materials and guidance to retailers to help stamp out underage sales of tobacco, alcohol and other age-restricted goods.

Why do you need an ID?

The information provided on an identification card provides the proof
for licensees, retailers and officials to confirm your unique identity.

Find out how CitizenCard helped a few young people
access services and venues that require proof of age and ID.


The PASS hologram on each CitizenCard is endorsed by the Home Office, Police, SIA and retailers.

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