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Identity verification process

Identity verification process

Verifying the information supplied by CitizenCard applicants, to ensure that their details are accurate, is at the heart of what we do. We have strict procedures in place to ensure applicant's name, date of birth and appearance are checked before CitizenCard proof of age and ID is issued.

Overview of the verification process with a photo ID

  • applicant takes a photo of their valid photo identification (such as a passport) and uploads it online

  • document data is extracted and checked to match the ID document details by the Electronic ID Validation system

  • applicant takes a video of themselves to prove they're a real person using a liveness detection technology

  • we verify the applicant's identity by matching their photo ID with the image captured and checking Electronic ID Validation report which tells us whether the uploaded document is genuine or not

Overview of the verification process with a referee

  • applicant shows an original document (e.g. a birth certificate) or any other acceptable evidence supporting their identity to a professional who vouches that the details within the application (such as the date of birth and name) match the details listed on the supporting evidence

  • the referee vouches that the photos supplied are a true likeness

  • we validate the referee's credentials by checking professional databases

  • we contact the referee at their workplace to confirm they really did support the application

If the applicant has no supporting evidence, a certain professional person (e.g. teacher or doctor) can be asked to vouch that the details in the application match their official workplace records.

The precise detail of CitizenCard's verification process is not made public. The process is audited by members of the Age Check Certification Scheme on behalf of PASS to ensure that the robust verification protocol is followed.

CitizenCard keeps on file a digital audit trail for each application, including copies of evidence supporting the applicant's identity (e.g. birth certificate, change of name deed, marriage certificate or passport) along with the Electronic ID Validation report or declarations that the referee supported the application, confirmed the applicant's likeness and vouched for any supporting evidence. We also keep a record of phone, email or letter correspondence with the referee and/or the applicant.

For more information on CitizenCard's verification process please contact: Layla Gaston, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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