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Launch of Cineworld partnership with CitizenCard

11 May 2012

CitizenCard is delighted to announce a partnership with Cineworld following a review of its proof of age ID policy. Cineworld is the second largest operator in the British Isles and operates 78 venues including sites in Jersey and Ireland. In total Cineworld has 801 screens.

From today (11th May 2012) Cineworld-branded application forms are available in all of their 78 venues. Cineworld accepts CitizenCard as a valid form of ID and encourages their younger clientele to apply for a card so that they can view an appropriately aged film.

Linda Yeates from Cineworld's Operations Department said:

Cineworld Cinemas accepts CitizenCard as valid ID for the purpose of proving eligibility to access '12A', '15' and '18' films provided the date of birth confirms that the cardholder is at least 12, 15 or 18 respectively.

Last summer the film industry had a vast array of '15' classified films on release and cinemas had to make sure that only those cinema goers of the correct age could view those films.

CitizenCards, issued to applicants using the co-brand forms, will receive cards showing an age specification based on the film classification ages e.g. 12+, 15+ and 18+. The card reverse promotes the Cineworld on-line ticketing discount, and LEALTA discounts can also be accessed with a CitizenCard.