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Minister endorses CitizenCard as valid ID

19 June 2012

Lord Henley, Minister of State for Crime Prevention and Antisocial Behaviour, has recommended that young adults should use CitizenCards (and other PASS-hologrammed cards) as proof of age on a night out to avoid the risk of losing their passports.

Lord Henley said:

The Government fully endorses the Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) and would strongly encourage all retailers and door supervisors to accept PASS hologrammed cards as valid proof of age.

All those responsible for checking proof of age, including retailers and door supervisors, should be reassured that asking for and accepting a card with a PASS hologram and which carries the bearer's photo and acceptable date of birth is due diligence.

In his strongly worded support for the scheme, Henley called for retailers and door staff to accept PASS cards as acceptable proof of age:

Young people are rightly concerned about taking valuable documents such as their passport with them on a night out because of the risks of theft and/or loss; the Government advises against this practice and recommends PASS cards be used instead for this purpose. Young people who have taken the trouble to equip themselves with valid ID, such as a PASS card, should have confidence that it will be accepted as valid proof of age by retailers and door supervisors. Therefore, the Government encourages all licensed premises to accept PASS cards as their preferred proof of age.