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New 'No ID, No Sale!' website and pack for 2021

03 November 2020

CitizenCard's retail programme 'No ID, No Sale!' has had a complete refresh with a brand new website noidnosale.com and a new 2021 retail pack containing "SCAN ME" materials including window vinyl, shelf wobblers, posters and A7 flyers. These all offer a £4 discount on the cost of a CitizenCard.

New 'No ID, No Sale!' website

The pack also contains A3 Tobacco Notice, Refusals Register, Under 25? Poster, badges and CitizenCard application forms.

'No ID, No Sale!' retail pack items

We've also got some great 'No ID, No Sale!' freebies for retailers including face masks, power chargers, caps, T-shirts and hoodies so if you're a retailer head over now to noidnosale.com and order a free pack.

'No ID, No Sale!' face mask and power charger

Freebies (1 per order) available till 31st March 2021.