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Proof and Pay now possible with new Visa Prepaid CitizenCard

23 July 2012

Only card with Government proof of age approval combined with Prepaid card launched for those 12 years old and above.

London, 23 July 2012: CitizenCard has today launched the first combined photo ID proof of age and Prepaid Visa card, available to 12 year olds and above, within the UK. The Visa Prepaid CitizenCard will now enable users to prove their identity and age, as well as pay for purchases online and in store, all via one simple card.

The chip and PIN secured card offers those looking for age verification one of the most trusted, safe, secure and easy ways to carry money and pay for items. The card carries the Government PASS mark (proof of age standard scheme) recognised as valid ID by the Home Office, the Scottish Government, the Police and Trading Standards and is approved by Visa. The card has been launched by CitizenCard, which has issued over 2 million proof of age cards in the last 13 years.

Andrew Chevis, CEO of CitizenCard, said:

The new Visa Prepaid CitizenCard is the perfect all-round solution for younger people looking to prove their age and pay for purchases. The card is a safe and useful alternative to cash, as you can spend online and if the card is mislaid you can immediately block it. And, as it's a Prepaid card users can only spend what is loaded.

The card displays the owner's date of birth, but also an ageband (12-15, 16-17, 18+ and 21+ cards) so it's easy to prove that users are young or old enough to access age-restricted goods and services. The actual card number also identifies whether a cardholder is over or under 18, giving it a new added level of security for retailers online, and provides reassurance to parents, with the under-18s card not working at age-restricted retailers, e.g. retailers serving alcohol or providing gambling services.

Under 16s need parental consent to apply for the card - and they can then manage their child's account directly, providing further peace of mind and safety, whilst enabling more childhood independence and developing positive financial education. The perfect tool for providing pocket money, parents can set up a standing order to fund a child's card and because it is easy to top up, parents know that their child can instantly have access to funds in an emergency, whether that's transport home or if stranded while on a gap year. And, whilst young teens can make purchases online (e.g. cinema tickets), they do not work for retailers selling age-restricted items.

For those over 18, Visa Prepaid CitizenCard offers the perfect all-in-one card solution - providing photographic proof of age at retailers and in pubs and clubs, with the card having unrestricted use for online and offline payments. The card also allows greater financial stringency, helping young people avoid spending more than intended on a shopping trip or night out.

Tracey Bleakley, Chief Executive of pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group), said:

Children and young people are having to make financial decisions much earlier on in their lives than their parents. Financial confidence is key in ensuring young people make the right decisions about spending and saving. pfeg welcomes the new VISA Prepaid CitizenCard initiative which will contribute to ensuring young people develop a healthy and responsible attitude to money.

With no monthly or annual fees, the card is highly competitive and can be loaded free of charge with as little as £10 or as much as £5,000 by bank transfer, standing order or online banking. Users can transfer funds from one Visa Prepaid CitizenCard to another, and also take cash to any Post Office or PayPoint retailer and load the card that way too (2-3% fees apply).

Unlike the majority of Prepaid cards, cardholders can also earn rewards with the card, giving them options usually only available for high net worth individuals or those with a good credit rating. By promoting the Visa Prepaid CitizenCard to friends and family through a unique referral code they can earn commission, which is paid straight onto their card. The card also provides the opportunity to win money through taking part in CitizenCard's opinion surveys ccVoice. To add to the list of card benefits, the reverse hosts the much sought - after LEALTA logo, enabling users to receive discounts at shops.

The Visa Prepaid CitizenCard costs a one-off application fee of £15 for delivery within one month or £30 for delivery within one week. For more details visit www.citizencard.com

- Ends -

Visa PrePaid CitizenCard £
Purchase Price £15
Personalised Card (Including Issue Fee) NA
Load Options
PayPoint 3%
Post Office 2%
Standing Order Free
Bank Transfer Free
POS Fee (UK) Free
Foreign Exchange 2.75%
ATM Fee(UK) Free til 01.10 £1
ATM Fee(International) £2
Monthly Fee FREE
Replacement Card £15

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About Visa Prepaid CitizenCard

Visa Prepaid CitizenCard is Government-approved PASS (Proof of Age Standards Scheme) Accredited. CitizenCards are accepted as Home Office-recognised photo ID/proof of age nationwide at supermarkets, off-licences, newsagents, forecourts, pubs, clubs, gaming centres, cinemas, banks, airlines and in many other places.

CitizenCard is a non-profit company operated by: Association of Convenience Stores, Camelot, Co-operative Group, Experian, Ladbrokes, National Federation of Retail Newsagents and the Tobacco Manufacturers Association.

The Visa Prepaid CitizenCard is managed on behalf of CitizenCard Limited by White Eagle (Europe) Plc, an Approved Visa Member Service Provider that has launched over 40 e-money, e-wallet and mobile payment programmes.