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New report advises that licensees and doorstaff should accept PASS cards as valid ID

02 December 2011

A new document published by the Local Better Regulation Office (LBRO) setting out a 'Framework on Age Restricted Products and Services' has been endorsed by several professional and trade associations. It's good news for CitizenCard cardholders according to Robert Humphreys, Chairman of PASS:

This set of principles provides an excellent and balanced framework for the forthcoming Code of Practice which should serve as the definitive guide on age-restricted sales. We welcome in particular the emphasis on PASS as the preferred proof of age for enforcers and the need for retailers and suppliers to be clear that they accept PASS as proof of age.

And for young people, as well as a responsibility to equip themselves with valid proof of age and not to use fake or borrowed ID, the framework quite rightly highlights the reasonable expectation that they should have their PASS cards (and other valid ID) accepted by retailers, service providers, licensed premises and door staff.