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Shops pass ciggie test

18 April 2012

Shops in West Berkshire got top marks when they were targeted in tests designed to uncover law-breaking retailers selling cigarettes to under-age smokers.

West Berkshire Council's Trading Standards Service visited more than 30 retailers between January and the end of March, and did not find any selling tobacco products to its undercover youngsters.

The results show an improvement on a similar survey carried out last Autumn in which five retailers were caught illegally selling cigarettes to under 18's.

The survey targeted large supermarkets, garages and small independent retailers across Berkshire.

Andrew Chevis, CitizenCard Chief Executive, said:

It's excellent news that all the retailers tested passed with flying colours. The 'No ID, No Sale' campaign hammers home the message that retailers must always ask young adults to prove their age before selling alcohol, tobacco or other age-restricted goods.

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Source: Reading Chronicle South, 12 April 2012