CitizenCard Paperless Application Scheme

CitizenCard works with schools, universities, councils, prisons and charities that submit large volumes of applications in bulk. To ensure that these applications are processed quickly CitizenCard uses a paperless application scheme. If your organisation, e.g. school, university, charity or council, has signed up, you can apply for a CitizenCard using this scheme. Our paperless application system is safe, easy and does not require you to print out any forms, and you can apply online at a time that suits you.

Cards are available in the following age-bands: 18+, 16-17 and under 16 (if your organisation supports under 16 applications). It normally takes 21 days for us to process your application after it passes verification.

  • CitizenCard, a UK ID card, for applicants aged over 18
  • CitizenCard, a UK ID card, for applicants aged 16 and 17
  • CitizenCard, a UK ID card, for applicants aged under 16

Please note that paperless applications are only available to individuals who are members of organisations that have signed up for the bulk paperless application scheme. If you are not a member of one such organisation use our online application available at

To start your CitizenCard paperless application you need:

  • to be a member of an organisation that has signed up to the paperless scheme eg. student at a particular (not just any) school
  • have the Unique Organisation Code (UOC) provided by your organisation
  • know that somebody acting as an Authorised Verifier can confirm your details from official records held at your organisation. Every organisation will have at least one member of staff registered to be an Authorised Verifier.
  • to follow our photo requirements and upload your passport quality photo in digital format
  • to be over 16 to apply or be a member of an organisation that allows under 16 applications

Every application for a CitizenCard needs to be verified before a card is issued. When you apply using our paperless system, verification occurs during and after your application is made. If you try to abuse this scheme, i.e. you submit more than one application at once, your application might simply be rejected and you might be banned from applying again.

If you have any queries, please contact the organisation that provided you with the Unique Organisation Code.

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The PASS hologram on each CitizenCard is endorsed by the Home Office, Police, SIA and retailers.

Proof of Age Standards SchemeNational Police Chiefs' Council
Chartered Trading Standards InstituteSecurity Industry Authority

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