// Make a paperless application

Get your CitizenCard

Get your CitizenCard

To apply you need:

  • to be a member of an organisation that has signed up to the paperless scheme e.g. student at a particular (not just any) school

  • to be over 16 to apply or be a member of an organisation that allows under 16 applications

  • have the Unique Organisation Code (UOC) provided by your organisation - this code will unlock an application form for you

  • know that somebody acting as an Authorised Verifier can confirm your details from official records held at your organisation

  • to upload your passport quality photo in digital format (it must meet our photo requirements)


Before applying please check who the Authorised Verifier at your organisation is. Then you can speak to them if needed. If you have any queries, please contact the organisation that provided you with the Unique Organisation Code.

When your application is verified by the Authorised Verifier you should receive an email. After that it normally takes 21 days to produce and send the card.

Every application for a CitizenCard needs to be verified before a card is issued. When you apply online, verification takes place both during and after. If you submit more than one application at once, we may reject your application and ban you from applying again.