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General Guidelines

General Guidelines

Use a referee confirming from official records if you don't have an official document confirming your identity. If you do have a document confirming your identity, use a referee validating original document(s).

For an online application your chosen referee needs to complete a Digital Referee Declaration Form.

For a paper or printed application your chosen referee needs to countersign your passport quality photograph and your application.

Any person in the permitted list below who is currently employed can act as a referee confirming from official records, provided we can contact them at work, via email and on their work telephone number, during office hours at a registered business address. We have to verify their business details, which must be published/advertised in online professional business directories.

Referees must not be related to you or in a personal relationship with you (cannot be a guardian, foster carer, spouse, civil partner, fiancé, boyfriend/girlfriend) nor live with you.