List of Route 2 referees

Route 2 referees are professionals, who know you and can confirm your details against their official records held at their place of work.

Use a Route 2 referee if you don't have ready access to ID.

Any person in the permitted list below over 25 and in full time employment can act as a Route 2 referee provided we can contact them on a non-mobile phone at their place of work during office hours at a registered business address.

Referees must not be related to the applicant by birth or marriage neither should they be in a personal relationship together nor live at the same address.  They must also not be self employed or work from home/residential address.

Permitted list of referees for the Route 2 process:

  • Your Doctor / Dentist / Nurse / Administrator at Your GP / Dental Surgery
  • Your Teacher / Tutor / Head of Year / Administrator at Your School / College / University
    (do not use during academic holidays as they must be contactable at their place of work)
  • Your Social Worker
  • Your Certified Solicitor
  • A Bank / Building Society staff member at Your branch
  • Your Prison or Probation Officer
  • If you are employed with any of the above Route 2 referees, they can verify your identity from their personnel records
  • If you are employed by a Local Authority, your employer can verify your identity from their personnel records

Apply for a Route 2 CitizenCard application


Important Points For Applicants

  • If you need your card right away, make an Urgent application and post it by Special Delivery.
  • Check whether your referee is acceptable as Route 1 or a Route 2 professional person.
  • Check whether your referee countersigned your form, photos and (if applicable) a copy of your ID.
  • Make sure that your referee can be contacted by phone during office hours at their place of work.


The PASS hologram on each CitizenCard is endorsed by the Home Office, Police, SIA and retailers.

Proof of Age Standards SchemeNational Police Chiefs' Council
Chartered Trading Standards InstituteSecurity Industry Authority

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